Remove distractions, then fill with the person I want to be.

Previous parts:

Last Week

What went well

  • Hand writing each night was a great way to end the evening. Took my mind off of tech.

What didn't

  • Still having trouble with diligent time boxing. I've done this successfully before, so it's not impossible.

The Future

Overall, this has been a good experiment. I'm meditating more regularly, often twice a day, which has helped my sleep. I'm not watching the news or doing much social media, which has been great for my mood. Removing TV/Movies has been hard, but I've found I was unnaturally stimulted by them, and there was an addictive quality to watching them. "I need a hit of Captain America, man!"

I'm going to continue keeping news/Facebook/TV out of my life for the most part this month, and retain meditation.

For any of you who try this: well done!