Remove distractions, then fill with the person I want to be.

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Last Week

  • Breathing meditation twice each day.
  • More breaks to walk outside.
  • Read a physical book (the amazing The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood)

I had two really good work days (Tue and Wed), one day bad for work but great for learning (Thu), and one pretty bad day overall (Fri).

What went well

  • Meditation almost every day
  • Did more reading than previously
  • Good morning routine on the good days
  • Found myself listening to and enjoying podcasts

What didn't

  • Fewer breaks, instead of more
  • Early distraction on Thu/Fri led to poor work days
  • Zero time practicing martial arts

This Week

  • Use 50-10 time boxes each day.
  • Take breaks away from the computer. Make break activities part of daily planning.