From my brother:
Worst Music Video Ever

NY Times article about IMDB. Enjoy it while it's available.

Favorite Freeware

The ever wonderful Onion:
Heroic Computer Dies to Save World From Master's Thesis

I'm not sure if this guy's crazy, or if I like him. I suppose it could be both.
UK Lawmaker says assassinating Blair would be justifiable

Capt. Cook's Endevour may be found off Rhode Island
Stradivarius violin auctioned for $3.54 mil
Tattooed mummy puzzles scientists

The final sentence caps this pyramid of bizarre.
Owners of dog killed by pet python win legal case

Interesting, not surprising to me.
Research finds differences in lesbian brains

Dolphins create their own names
Critics blast Bosnian 'pyramid' find
Woman beheads husband who wanted 4th wife

I'll bet people requested this guy.
Fortune-telling judge didn't predict firing

'Snakes on a Plane' a phenomenon on Web
Scientists probe the user of the tongue

I like her. And I love her comment about current events.
'Honored' Kwan lunches with 2 presidents

Man trading paper clip for house

Free, legal, cool
Public Domain Movie Torrents

Honda Commercial, Very Cool
Woof! The truth behind common dog myths

In her biography, Josephine mentions my Dad (Terry Flatt) as one of her influences!
Full Blown Rose

Kinky Friedman
IMDB Power Search
'When Death Comes' - a poem by Mary Oliver

Times Multitasking article in PDF format