It was like web quicksand: I got sucked into YouTube for a half a day recently.

This was fascinating. There's a link to the complete film.

If you've never heard a theremin, this is a mediocre, yet funny performance.
Don't Worry Be Happy

This kid is a fine juggler, his sister is cute, and it's absurd that he is in better physical condition than I'll ever be.
Vova juggling

Somehow at this point I got transferred to Metacafe, which I liked better. Here is some fun table tennis.
Master Ping-Pong

What fun!!!
Bottled Music

And now my favorite stuff, and what really made this surfing expedition worthwhile. I love stage magic. In unethical hands, stage magic is presented as miraculous and becomes a lie to make money. A true magician says "I achieved this through hard work and physical means. I'm fooling you because you're human." Magic always increases my wonder at the world.

Unique card trick

Penn and Teller literally showing how it's done. So smooth I still couldn't follow it.
Penn and Teller

The amazing Cyril. First, some lovely coin work.
Cyril Coin

A famous trick, so showmanship is a must.
Cyril Card on Glass

Lovely. No knowledge of Chinese required.
Cyril Words on Cards

Simply beautiful. I love watching people's reactions. I'd flip out, too.
Cyril Street Magic

You won't believe it
Three Card Monty

La dame inquiete

Basically a magician's commercial.
Bryan Tudor

This card transfer is incredibly fast, as demonstrated with the final pass.
Card to Top

And, finally, not slight of hand but very cool.
Tom Noddy Bubbles