From two of my sisters in law came these questions:

  • What are the symbols on the back of a dime?
  • What's the origin of the word "book", as in "We've been here too long. Let's book."
  • Who's Chad Everett?

According to the U. S. Mint:

What can you tell me about the symbols on the back of the Roosevelt Dime?
The center torch signifies liberty. To the right of the torch is an oak branch signifying strength and independence. To the left of the torch is an olive branch signifying peace.

Maybe in a future post I'll comment on these values, but for now I take you back to the seventies (and, apparently, the sixties) when we were all "booking".

The closest I found to reasonable origins for "book" were at these sites:
Near the bottom
More ideas

I hadn't considered that "book" would come from "boogie". Doesn't that beg the question: what's the origin of "boogie" as in "to dance"?

Finally, the current crop of medical shows echo a run of prime time physician-assisted escapism in the sixties and seventies, including Dr. Kildaire (the wonderful Richard Chamberlain, Marcus Welby, M.D., and Medical Center staring Chad Everett. Mr. Everett is still making films (I'll leave it to you to check the IMDB). Here are a few photos showing off his star appeal (as in "ruggedly good looks.")
Hurrell Photo
Young and Old(er)
Blue-eyed from Medical Center