I haven't written about my foot experiences for a while, so here's a recap.

The pain is going down, but it still aches every morning. I've been taking the boot off at night, which my doctor said was okay to do. I was terrified the first night, and didn't sleep very well, constatly worried I'd roll over wrong, simultaneously snap the other bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles, and my foot would just flop off onto the floor.

There haven't been any cruch mishaps--so far. I have had a few near misses, especially when I've had my computer backpack on. It weighs over ten pounds, and I fully expect to fall over backward.

Taking the trash to the dumpster is an exercise in patience and focus. Twenty years ago I did some light study and practice in Buddhism, especially Zen and Mahayana. One practice involving mindfulness had me paying attention to everything I did for an entire morning. What did I see? How did the cereal bowl feel in my hands? What thoughts was I having? Non-attachment to thoughts is a result of meditation, and though I'm way out of practice (and was never very good), it's pretty helpful to set aside why that web page isn't working and just pay attention to how the trash bag, suspended from my right wrist, wants to thunk against the crutch or wind around it, threatening to spin me around like some video game villain after receiving a roundhouse kick by pressing, like, fourteen buttons simultaneously.

The dumpster looks a lot further away now that it used to.

I'm trying to work out regularly. This hasn't changed. I'm always trying. I don't use machines or weights, just a band looped around my heavy living room table. That's made adapting my routine much easier. But I'm really missing some kind of cardio workout. Again, this hasn't changed. I'm always missing a cardio workout!

Each day I'm grateful a) that I can do my work from home, and b) that I have supportive friends and family.

Oh, and c) frozen dinners.