A thrill ride to 'the Other Side of Infinity'

A larger explosion than Krakatoa
Lost civilization unearthed in Indonesia

"Pieter Abrahamse has an original excuse for a lost wedding ring: a crocodile ate it, along with the arm it was attached to."
South African recounts crocodile attack

Artist gets naked to earn bread

MashupCamp--a new kind of get-together

A few DB design links, due to a discussion I had with a colleague on normalization and keys.
The Case for the Surrogate Key
Intelligent Versus Surogate Keys
A Simple Guide to Five Normal Forms in Relational Database Theory

Scott Adams' guide to cartoon humor.
Dilbert Blog: Humor Formula

Shuttle XPC Home Theater

But, this is a better deal, and has a volume control. I'm such a throwback.
PowerSpec MCE 460

I remember a film version of this shown in class when I was in something like sixth grade. It was this one, not the juvenile treatment, and has always stuck with me.
To Build a Fire - Jack London

The famous Cowbell Skit

Interesting, but I think this would require exceptional children and parents.
No school, no books, no teacher's dirty looks

I'm an athiest, but this just makes athiests look like idiots. Another example of how it's not so much what you believe as how you behave.
Priest could face trial for saying Jesus existed

The encryption utility I use. Free, open source, superb.

But, it doesn't deserve a Wikipedia listing. I'm pretty sure an encyclopedia isn't a repository of trivial product placement.
Wikipedia: TrueCrypt

And yet, an encyclopedia will contain information about products. I wonder how Britanica, etc. decide what to include. I suppose it will be based on social impact. Could there be a quantitative criteria?
Britannica: Pepsi
Wikipedia: Pepsi

Fussy is a web log with a great T-shirt ("writing well" a little down the page).
Fussy T-shirts

This entry is surprising. I tried to imagine myself in the same situation.
Time to read books

Going out crazy
Man and Sister Charged wtih Incest in Trafford

You know, if I were in Texas, I might . . . just . . . vote for him.
Kinky Friedman