Yet more notes as I clean up my computer. My favorite is this one, and remains true.

Eighty percent of project duration is getting agreement.

Glancing over the rest of these, there are several I agree with, and some that I don't. A lot of my software methodology notions have been answered by Scrum. But not all. Not all. :-)

software projects
* estimating
* relate size to duration? How about size to price (regardless of cost/duration)? (small, med, big, huge)
* what are common elements?
* how much info is needed to make estimate?
* what info is needed to make estimate?
* estimate hours for cost and duration for schedule.

* tasks
* just a few (ten) top level deliverables/milestones
* estimate resource hours against tasks
* the more parts there are to a task, the less accurate the estimates for those parts have to be, as long as the task estimate is accurate.
* what about weekly Monday releases as tasks, with a supporting document (release features) for each task. This is easy to understand.

* confidence
* the biggest fear is that something will break
* when a client starts asking for documentation, they're losing confidence.
* however, when useful documentation is supplied as part of the project, confidence increases.
* clients like it when you seem prepared. They like it even better when you really are.