Several months ago I came across Randy Pausch's time management lecture, and read about his now-famous Last Lecture. Since then, Prof. Pausch has been in the news quite a bit, since his lectures had a special context: he had been diagnosed several months earlier with incurable cancer.

Prof. Pausch achieved, in my opinion, what very few people do who present inspirational and motivational messages. He wasn't fake. He wasn't in it for the money. He didn't lie.

In fact, he would have--and did--say that he wasn't unusual, that lots of people were in his situation. When faced with impending death, time management isn't a buzz phrase any more. Achieving your dreams, balancing your life and your work, all take on urgency and clarity.

I miss this man I never met. I'll live my life better because of his example.

Randy Pausch web site <- difficult to access right now.
Carnegie Mellon University commencement speech
Dr. Gabriel Robins' site about his friend. <- It was this site that first lead me to Prof. Pausch.