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EDIT: I gave AccuWeather a fair chance, but I have to downgrade the widget because it doesn't automatically refresh. I'm baffled by that. Who wouldn't want the weather info on a home screen to be reasonably current? Who would instead want to be forced to manually refresh it by tapping a very small area of the widget?

There are, by my count, 1.3 bazillion weather apps for Android. I've been using 1Weather because it seems to work well and I really like the widget. However, my wife uses Weather Underground (which, ironically, I recommended) and we sometimes get different temperature reports. So, I decided to look at the top apps again.

Searching Google for "most accurate android weather apps" yielded no site that spoke to accuracy. I guess that's to be expected. Who watches the watchmen?

What matters to me is:

  1. A good widget, showing lots of info in a 4x1 grid.
  2. A good app, easy to comprehend.
  3. Limited advertising (and I might buy it).

Below is a matrix of what I found. It's opinionated, and brief, but might help someone other than me. I've switched to AccuWeather because of a couple of sweet features. But...1Weather still has the best widget.

App Price Widget 1-5 Usage 1-5 Sum Rank Comments
1Weather F/$2 5 5 10 1 All around really good.
Weather Underground F/$2 4 5 9 2 Widget not resizable (in Now launcher).
Today Weather F/$4 3 5 8 3 Beautiful app, but no widget I like. Best settings. I really wanted this to be #1
AccuWeather F/$4 2 5 7 4 Widget doesn't auto-refresh. That's a deal-breaker. MinuteCast is great! Prepare Your Day sweet
Dark Sky F/$3y n/a 4 4 5 Widgets only w/subscription. Time Machine sweet.
Weather forecast SP F/$4 2 4 6 6 Pretty. Note both WF apps are effectively the same.
Weather forecast GA F/$4 2 4 6 7 No 4x1 widget. Pretty app.
The Weather Channel F 2 3 5 8 Lots of info. No remove ads. Limited settings.
WeatherBug F/$10 1 2 3 9 Yuck. Ugly, separate download for good widgets, paid version is expensive