Another traditional web log entry. Stuff I've been reading over the last few weeks. Sorry for any repeats.

This is Your Brain Under Hypnosis. A reprint of the NY Times article, so ignore the strange URL. This is one of the most important article I've read in some time.

Cells That Read Minds. This is another very valuable article.

The wonderful Copy Goes Here short film.

Shakespeare via Text Message

Review of Ubuntu Linux for business use. Very useful, I thought.

LEDs work like butterflies' wings. Just fascinating!

Boffins quantify beer goggles phenomenon. Yes, they do become sexier.

Maxell to offer 300GB holographic discs

Muhammad Ali, The Greatest. The info on how fast he was is particularly interesting.

Star Wreck: In The Pirkinning

Teens want 'teacher killing' journals sealed. Thought provoking. Ultimately, I agree that the journals should not be sealed. The rules of lawyers and psychologists don't apply to grade school teachers, and they have a sensible obligation to safety.

Ubiquitous Porn: Alive on the Net

Separation of Church and State. Just because it doesn't say it, doesn't mean it doesn't mean it.

Extreme Thinking. Great stuff!

Plan to end homelessness unveiled. Hurray for Scottland for having the balls.

Earliest Mayan writing found in pyramid

The Computer Appliance Myth. Another winner from John Dvorak. He's often loopy, but this is right on.

Zeno's Paradox of the Tortoise and Achilles. For those who've forgotten.

'Truthiness' voted 200 word of the year

I vant to get your vote! It just can't be true. No, no, no.

Parrot squawks on woman's affair

Williams Shatner sells kidney stone for charity

Rocklopedia Fakebandica

Found in translation