Yesterday I changed carriers from Verizon to Cincinnati Bell, as intended. I have my new blue Moto Razr V3, and I purchased the somewhat steep ($30) Motorola Phone Tools.

I'm very happy with the phone, the no-contract plan, my new, less-expensive BlueTooth headset, and the tools. I've already uploaded a new wallpaper, a ringtone of my mom playing a Brahms piano waltz, and a nice picture of a friend to display when she calls.

I haven't set up the other features, but it's possible to use the phone as a modem, and to send/receive emails (POP3 only, unfortunately).

All in all, a good decision. I'll be emailing Verizon soon with the reasons for my switch, emphasizing that their customer service was always excellent, and that I simply don't agree with their policy of disabling phone features such as transfering images.