Microsoft's 'Recommended' Security

Here's my latest favorite example of Microsoft 'choice'. I was configuring the Internet Options in Windows Server 2003.

1. Open Internet Options.
2. Choose Security tab.
3. Choose Internet zone.
4. Move slider from High to Medium.

Windows delivers this error message:

"The recommended security level for this zone is "High".

The level that you have chosen is lower than this. Please choose a security level of "High" or higher.

Oh, this made me cackle gleefully!

  • This is a "recommended" security setting. But I must accept their recommendation.
  • I'm given four choices for security level. But I can only successfully choose one of them.
  • I'm told I must choose "'High' or higher". But there is nothing higher than "High".

Thank you, Microsoft. Thank you for showing that billion dollar companies implement stupid workarounds in their

multi-thousand dollar products.