Yesterday I attended an all day SQL Server 2005 seminar. Here are a few language gems from the computer industry, who are masters of invention. Unfortunately, I didn't write down the sentences used. I'll do better next time.

Where there is such a word in the dictionary, I provide that information.

Having the ability to perform? "This setting determines if the server is performant in this environment." entry
Main Entry: performantPart of Speech: nounDefinition: a performerEtymology: based on informant, etc.

A coding term, but I couldn't make out what it meant. I looked it up later, and it involves easily changing the graphical appearance of visual elements. Maybe they should have subcategories? The Martha Stewart Button decorations?

The antonym of activated. entry:
pas�si�vate v. pas�si�vat�ed, pas�si�vat�ing, pas�si�vatesv. tr. 1. To treat or coat (a metal) in order to reduce the chemical reactivity of its surface. 2. To coat (a semiconductor, for example) with an oxide layer to protect against contamination and increase electrical stability.

Whether an issue can be addressed. "How you run the query determines the addressability of your performance question."

I didn't write it down, but one of the speakers also verbed a phrase. For those who don't know what this means, I first read of it in the brilliant Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. Calvin tells Hobbes about taking nouns and adding "ing" or "s" to them, transforming them into verbs, when you're too lazy to look up the right word.

The strip ends with Calvin's wonderful statement, "Verbing weirds words."