Time to catch up on links. I've got a barrel full!

First up is this fun little site. Here are my web sites in graphic form. Aren't they precious?
Websites as Graphics


Creative Writing

Software Meadows

Let me also single out The Baby Name Wizard. It's a lovely application, great fun. Here's my question for anyone to answer. Why did the names Michael and Madison suddenly spike in usage?


Warning: Sexually Explicit (and very funny!)
Light Saber Dildos

Colin Machrie has absolutely no fear. Richard Simmons is hillarious. The other guys can barely stand by the end.
Funniest "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" Ever

Wayne Brady and Josie Lawrence. The audience goes into an astonished hush when they do their Gilbert and Sullivan. Improvisational genius!
Whose Line: Wayne Brady and Josie Lawrence

Cows With Guns
Wiliam Shatner: Rocket Man
Stewie Griffin: Rocket Man
Evolution of Dance
Hello, Captain?


Apparently his girlfriend wasn't nearly as crazy as he was.
Man guilty of trying to get wife, girlfriend killed


Dan Quayle walks out of Mellencamp concert
Outer-space sex carries complications
Dungeon girl lived on bread and cheese

I don't in any way have sympathy for sex offenders, but I certainly don't think they should be tracked like this after serving their sentence. Why not a database for all convicted criminals? Don't I have the right (I ask ironically) to know if someone in my neighborhood was convicted of theft? Murder? Extortion? Drug trafficking? Fraud? And therefore, shouldn't we require all convicted criminals of any crime to register there whereabouts whereever they go? I have serious civil liberty concerns about this. If the offender must register his movements, then he's not considered a safe citizen, and if not, why has he been released? I know there's more to the issue than that, but it still strikes me as a dangerous--and exclusionary--law.
Congress moves to create sex offender database


X-rays reveal Archimedes' hidden writings
Angry Face
Scientists look at worms for 'wine nose'
The parable of the beer and diapers
New source of replacement brain cells found
Oddballs abound when you're a freak magnet
Separated a Birth? Neurons and galaxy photos
Trap-jaw ant has world's fastest bite
Elephants do run, study concludesCosmic collision reveals dark matter
Cows also 'have regional accents'
Gene therapy transforms cells into tumor killers
Humans strange, Neanderthals normal
Ultra-precise atomic clocks will redefine time
Subatomic Scare Tactics
Optical Illusions Etc.

Not exactly science...
Phone telepathy: You knew it was true

This is interesting...especially the quote "The Sun...traverses...on the spring and vernal equinoxes." Um, vernal means spring. They should have said "vernal and autumnal equinoxes".
Mysteries of the equator

No Place Else

2005's 10 Best "Conservative" Movies: An Ironic Rebuttal
Dogs May Laugh, but Only Cats Get the Joke
Omnipelagos.com: meandering search engine
Cooking By Numbers
Insutingly Stupid Movie Physics


I saved this for the first statistic. One percent, yikes!
Does your PC have a good rep?

John Dvorak showing he doesn't know what he's talking about. Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't....
Why CSS Bugs Me

John Dvorak making some sense. Maybe.
Microsoft Needs a "Code Pope"

The Science Fiction Files
Study: Technology is a girl's best friend new=false
The Hard Disk That Changed the World

Google wants people to stop googling

Using Thunderbird to Get Things Done
Love all for instant replay at U.S. Open