That's a terrible nod to the song, but I'm not up to being terribly clever. Here's a screenshot that shows Ultra-Edit running inside Suse Linux (via Wine), which itself is running inside VMWare. Click the image for full size.

Not sure if running UE this way is stable enough, but I'd love to hear someone tell me of an equal GUI text editor that runs natively in Linux. Must have: columnar editing, hex editing (with Search and Replace), syntax highlighting.

My first job is to replace my Windows machine that's acting as my server with a Linux machine. I got the email (smtp/imap) server working today. Web server (running Ruby on Rails, of course!) is next, then DNS (I hope). Lots to do before putting this into production, including configuring backups to an attached USB drive. Hopefully that will be easy...

(I just heard the most wonderful thing: my Indian neighbors across the hall were singing heavily accented Happy Birthday.)