Men in dresses is almost inherently funny, just as women in men's clothes is generally sexy. But comedy is comedy, and it takes a good script, tight direction and superb actors to make you laugh at cross dressing for two hours. Fortunately, Some Like It Hot (1959) has all of these. It turns out I'd seen the movie before (I thought I'd only seen parts), but that didn't matter. I belly laughed just the same.

The movie is full, of course, of double entendre. There's the right amount of commentary on women's plight regarding butt-pinching men. There's some unavoidable, funny homosexual hinting (both sexes). Slapstick, gangsters, hot women, handsome men.

Did I mention Tony Curtis' great Cary Grant impression? Or Jack Lemmon's hilarious little giggle?

And there is the lovely, talented, sexy, sensitive actress Marilyn Monroe. I didn't get her appeal for a long time. Now I do. I was very sad to read of the many problems she had during filming.

Our two handsome leading men, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon.

And, our two handsome leading ladies.


For all you Star Trek fans, the uncredited, sexy Grace Lee Whitney.

Silly and funny Joe E. Brown.

Smile at the nice man.

Tony in drag, but every inch the man.

"I'm Through With Love"