Father Devices “Bionic Pancreas” to Help Son With Diabetes Ed Damiano, a professor of biomedical engineering, has developed a system to help control blood sugar. While others are working on similar devices, his does more.

Warren Buffett Ready to Double Renewable Energy Investment to $30 Billion Altruism? Savvy Business? Both? You decide, but it’s still good news to me that alternative and more ecologically sound energy production is getting this boost.

High School Students Respond to Racist Flyer An anti-immigration group distributed a racist flyer near a high school, “The Changing Face of Brampton.” A class decided to redo it, and answer the question “Is this really what you want?”

Daily TED Talk

The Dog Song (4 min) “Animal fan Nellie McKay sings a sparkling tribute to her dear dog. She suggests we all do the same: ‘Just go right to the pound/ And find yourself a hound/ And make that doggie proud/ 'cause that's what it's all about.’”