Starting today, if I don’t like the original story’s headline, I’ll create my own. The originals are often too verbose.

Soldotna, Alaska Houses 900 Evacuees During Fire The Red Cross built a temporary shelter, but no one needed to use it.

Minor League Mascot Gives Major League Surprise A deaf baseball fan loves the Dayton Dragons’ mascot, and everyone’s thrilled when the mascot starts speaking in American Sign Language. Watch the second video, without the news story.

Swimwear Company Re-Creates Sports Illustrated's Cover With Plus Size Models The good news, here, is that more “regular” women get told that they, too, are sexy.

Daily TED Talk

Sally Kohn: Let’s try emotional correctness (6min) A valuable talk about being “politically right, but emotionally wrong.” From Ms. Kohn, a liberal lesbian pundit on Fox news (you read that right): “Are you being friendly? Are you just being naive? Or do you really want to hurt me personally? Emotional correctness is the tone, the feeling, how we say what we say, the respect and compassion we show one another. And what I've realized is that political persuasion doesn't begin with ideas or facts or data.Political persuasion begins with being emotionally correct.”