A Big Break Realized Amidst Fluorescent Lights and Slurpee Machines Terry Boring said the right thing and the right time to the right person. The punch line is the difference it made.

This fifth-grader raised $200,000 to clean up the Gulf oil spill Twelve –year-old Olivia Bouler asked the Audubon Society how she could use her art skills to help after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Kid with Autism Confronts His Bullies in Front of the Whole Class “I see you guys laughing over there.” That part alone chilled me.

Daily TED Talk

High School Training Ground (3min) Malcom London’s slam poem about high school. This hits hard. “Homework is stressful, but when you go home every day and your home is work, you don't want to pick up any assignments.”