Today’s posts have consistently long headlines. Is this a result of short attention span, that we have to fit almost the entire story into one sentence?

How a water bottle gave birth to a whole new world of self-healing products A new polymer that’s “super strong, flexible and self-healing.” Could replace aluminum (great for the US, which imports all of ours).

New Mattress Lets You Cuddle Without Your Arm Going Numb This is on the lighter side of “good news,” but might be valuable to those who want or need to sleep on their sides—with or without cuddling partners.

‘Speechless’ Teacher Left Crying After Mystery Patrons Cover Tab For Students With Autism More anonymous goodness. I love it when people essentially say, “You know, we’ve got the money, let’s give it away.”

Daily TED Talk

Love Letters to Strangers (5 min) “Hannah Brencher's mother always wrote her letters. So when she felt herself bottom into depression after college, she did what felt natural — she wrote love letters and left them for strangers to find. The act has become a global initiative, The World Needs More Love Letters, which rushes handwritten letters to those in need of a boost.”