Anonymous benefactor leaves car on paralysed mother’s front lawn I love stories about anonymous good deeds.

New Patlz Students Find $40K in a Couch They faced an ethical dilemma and didn’t take the easy way out. The positive lesson is that kids will try to do the right thing and try to figure out what “the right thing” means. The life lesson is: don’t save your money in a couch.

Daily TED Talk

The hidden light of Afghanistan  Beautiful photography from Monika Bulaj, walking in Afghanistan for 20 years:

“Behind the destruction, I found a soul of places. I met humble people. I heard their prayer and ate their bread. Then I have been walking East for 20 years -- from Eastern Europe to Central Asia -- through the Caucasus Mountains, Middle East, North Africa, Russia. And I ever met more humble people. And I shared their bread and their prayer. This is why I went to Afghanistan.”