Cuddling Babies: Hospital Volunteers Show the Power of Human Touch It’s no news to me that cuddling babies is healthy. There was a (dreadful) experiment a century ago that showed babies who aren’t touched will die. More positively, my wife’s mother was the first healing touch therapist to be employed full time by a hospital, in its premature births ward.

The little light that helped one man raise over $1.5 million A solar-charged, collapsible lamp for poor nations and also for campers and others “off the grid.”

Mom Jumps Out Of Burning Building To Save Her Son... 'He Mattered Way More Than I Did' She jumped out of a second story apartment, and may never walk again. Is she a hero? She doesn’t use that word.

Bubblegum That Cleans Your Teeth--For Kids Where There Are No Dentists I’ve never heard of Xylitol, a sweetener that’s beneficial for dental health, but it was discovered over a hundred years ago. It also decreases middle ear infection in children.

Daily TED Talk

A happy song about global warming, from Jill Sobule. (5 min) “Manhattan in January,” cute and funny.