In Stanton, Iowa, human chain of 400+ passes books from old library to new Apparently it took longer than expected because the kids--and adults--kept looking at the books saying "I've read this," or "I want to read this."

South Mississippi GED graduates' persistence earns them the cap and gown Stories of several GED recipients. Well done!

This Dad Built A Roller Coaster In His Backyard For His Son For A Very Cool Reason The "cool reason" seems to be "because I could," but he maintains it was about applied mathematics.

Longwood University makes dream come true for dying father, graduating daughter Great story about a university bending the rules for good reason.

Daily TED Talk

The Power of Vulnerability (20min) A fantastic talk from a researcher who discovered that her job--and life--of "control and predict" was at odds with her study's results. Illuminating and valuable science on how to live "whole heartedly."