Arizona will get non-stop clean energy from hot air drafts More alternative energy news coming out of Arizona. In this case, use a little water to create downdrafts from the ever-present heat, leading to continuous energy output.

K9 finds missing autistic boy standing in creek The boy was lost, and hard to find in thick woods, but the police dog went right to him.

Blind Pole Vaulter Soars into State Meet Charlotte Brown is legally blind. When vaulting she sees black. This is a fantastic story of persistence, cleverness and support.

This Artist Turned A Major Street In Bristol Into A Huge Water Slide What fun! Bristol is closing this street the first Sunday of each month to allow doing something different on it. This crowd-sourced water slide was the first project.

The Entire History Of Western Civilization From Ancient Greece To Today Has Occurred While This Axe Has Existed That is one old axe. 3600 years old.

Daily TED Talk

Print Your Own Medicine Chemist Lee Cronin is working on a 3D printer that, instead of objects, is able to print molecules. An exciting potential long-term application: printing your own medicine using chemical inks.