Beethoven's 9th Symphony Premiers 190 years ago today, the "Chorale" symphony premiered, composed when Beethoven was completely deaf.

Man With Down Syndrome Fulfills Life Goal, Sings National Anthem At Red Sox Game The title says it all. There's a five minute video of Michael Mullins singing the anthem. Such joy!

This Guy Digs Through Trash To Create Something We Often Take For Granted Gregory Kloehn builds moveable micro houses for the homeless from available scrap.

Daily TED Talk

The Demise of Guys? Psychologist Philip Zimbardo asks, "Why are boys struggling?" He shares some stats (lower graduation rates, greater worries about intimacy and relationships) and suggests a few reasons — and challenges the TED community to think about solutions. Funny, informative. The comments include both support and challenges to Zimbardo's talk.