Drove from Cincinnati to Stroudsburg today. It's about a ten hour drive, but mine took a little longer because I helped a very nice Irish gentleman who was having car trouble. His very new car just conked out with a warning about his transmission. Computer might have been whacky, or maybe there really was a problem. Anyway, I pulled over, picked him up, and we went up to the next exit. He thought maybe he was just out of gas, so we managed to find someone who had an empty can we could borrow and returned to his car. His biggest was concern was that he was travelling with his kids and didn't want to leave them for long.

When we got there, a police car was waiting, which was good. I wasn't very confident that his car would start, so I was glad he would have a way to get a tow or some other help. He was travelling from Michigan back home to New York. Good luck to him!

I received a warm welcome from my dad and his wife. They have a beautiful home. I'm looking forward to a good visit.