In my previous posting I touched on the film The Butterfly Effect starring Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart. I wondered why it wasn't better received. True, there are problems in the film, but I was impressed, especially with the ending. Why wasn't it the talk of the season, in the vein of The Sixth Sense? "I'm not going to tell you what've got to see it for yourself."

Today I read some reviews--most importantly, some DVD reviews. They kept mentioning an alternate ending. I haven't returned my rental, so I inserted the side with the theatrical version and skipped to the end.

Um, holy cow! No wonder the original reviewers commented on the unsatisfying ending. It's completely different in intent, tone and impact. The director's cut ending makes sense of both the plot and story, and is the correct ending to the film. The theatrical release received a ridiculous Hollywood ending.

If I'd watched the theatrical release, at the end I'd have said "Oh, well, that was okay."

After the end of the director's cut, I cried hard for five minutes.

I recommend The Butterfly Effect - Director's Cut.