Clunky, but has potential. I’ll probably return to this idea another time.


Just a branch or two tremor
--or should that be tremble?—
it’s hard to know the proper word,
so many to defy conventions with.

"The rainbow crossarchangeled the retirement-home-wall sky"

looks promising, but will anyone get that:

  • "cross" started the whole thing, "crossed the sky"…
  • made me think of crossword, but crosswords are perpendicular, which a rainbow is not
  • so, "cross arc" solved that problem, a rainbow being an arc
  • It’s also an “arch,” and of course I think of “archangel,” because
  • arch and arch aren’t pronounced the same, which tickles me, and
  • I liked the idea of an angel holding up a rainbow, and
  • angel sounds like "angle," referring back to crossword puzzle geometry.
  • Thus "crossarchangel," which confers other possible meanings on the rainbow. It could be "cross," i.e. angry. It could be a chief (or high) rainbow.
  • Never mind whether any reader will calculate that "retirement-home-wall" is a substitute for "gray."

And this doesn’t account for wrong—intentionally—grammar.

A verb by any other word would speed as sweet(ly).