Here are two interesting articles. The first is 37Signals founder Jason Fried talking about the work culture at the company. I've suggested this type of culture, in discussions with colleagues. In my view, many companies would benefit by moving from an hours-based culture to a project-based one. More on that another time. Here's my favorite quote.

I don't believe in the 40-hour work week, so we cut all that BS about being somewhere for a certain number of hours. I have no idea how many hours my employees work�I just know they get the work done.

The second article is Lance Ulanoff discussing Google Dashboard. I found this to be surprisingly thoughtful. Here's a sample.

What will Google do with my years of search data, information about YouTube uploads and subscriptions, lists of products, image and maps searches, and the rest of the data when I'm dead? There's so much rich information, would Google preserve it and offer it to my family?