I haven’t posted any interesting links lately, which is funny since this is a “web log”. Early web logs were often sites where people posted web links they liked, as well as web journals, later becoming the crazy, self-interested medium for self-expression that we see today.

COMPUTER STUFF Montastic Need basic website uptime monitoring? Pingdom Willing to pay a little bit for more features? I like this one. Hack Your Canon PowerShot to Add Superpowers 12 Sly Web Tricks That Put You In Control

ARTSY STUFF A Small Anthology of Poems Cinematic Titanic The Big Snit This is simply one of the funniest animated short films I’ve ever seen. “Always shaking your eyes!!”

SCIENCE STUFF For the Brain, Remembering Is Like Reliving World’s Tiniest Snake 30 Abstract Satellite Images of Earth

OTHER STUFF Just Say What You Want–Puhleeze! Well written, good advice. Find A Grave I discovered actor Darren McGavin died on my birthday, and other strange things you can search for.. Sekanjabin recipe A great little refreshing Iranian drink, introduced to me by a good friend here in the states when I was a teenager.