No, not the golf links. Web links. Time to play catch up and reveal what’s interested me the last few weeks.

Apparently, perfectly legal. I purchased the October Sky soundtrack, long out of print, for $2.50. All of MP3

A namesake from over a hundred years ago. Look at the listed “conditions”. Campbells and Flatts


Rogue vet debarks neighbor’s puppy Coke and Mentos Fountain Man wins $400K for 10-year implant malfunction What is Burning Man? ‘Kinky’ but not ‘Grandma’ to be on the Texas ballot


Online office software makes no sense to me. I can get a far better office suite for free and install it on my computer where a) it runs faster, and b) the files aren’t stored on some unknown server. This guy makes my point. Google Spreadsheets and the usefulness of online applications.

Don’t Let ‘Intellectual Property’ Twist Your Ethos

I like this web site’s design. Cream


Fish produces natural antifreeze to stay alive Scientists create hybrid butterfly species Shells may have been earliest jewelry Key to long life may be mom’s age at birth Pacific Domes - Geodesic domes and homes Geodesic domes: ‘Doing more with less’ One drink can make you blind drunk Photo of Mozart’s widow found Study finds organ genes differ by gender Geometry of Music Paralyzed man masters thought control