Scruffy’s Story Captured a Nation and Saved Hundreds of Dogs From Execution (The Tuesday Dog)This is an old story, but I read this book in the last year and enjoyed it. A stray dog has Lassie-like adventures, meeting both good and bad strangers.

Family Who Lost Dog In Superstorm Sandy Gets Huge Surprise At Adoption Shelter A more recent dog story, also true, also wonderful.

Rivers’ garbageman named CNN Hero of the Year This guy’s cleaning up the Mississippi–and other rivers. He was awarded $250K by CNN. Best part of the article: “During the show, Pregracke pledged to spread some of his Hero of the Year money to the rest of the top 10 Heroes: ‘I’ve met so many great people today, the other Heroes, and I’m really moved by all their stories and all the things they do around the world. … I’m going to give 10 grand to each of them, because they’re awesome.’

Daily TED Talk

Eric Lewis: Chaos and harmony on Piano (5min)  I could joke about not knowing if he’s playing wrong notes, but I have a background in music: even any wrong notes would be right for the piece. Listen to the thunderclaps, the rain, the wind!