Here’s a true web log, with minimal comments from me.

Damn rats! Cunning rat outsmarts scientists

Lisa Randall is smart, and she’s also–forgive me–a babe. Why I believe in higher dimensions

The best picture was in NY Times, but this is good. Physicist Lisa Randall talks about hidden dimensions

Copernicus: ugly, but right. Archaelogists identify Copernicus’ skull

I knew it! I just knew the government was more clever than we could ever hope to believe. Tinfoil hats attract mind-control signals, boffins learn

NY Times, may not be available

The Claim: Exercising With a Cold Can Affect Its Severity

Sleep! Down for the Count

Very interesting, especially the clock pendulum part. Have to try this myself. All Together Now: Syncrhony Explains Swaying


This is more interesting than its title implies: Did Bill Gates Invent Linux and Has He Erased the Evidence

Good article that covers the bases. Why Wikipedia isn’t like Linux

I have always thought private methods needed unit testing. Testing Private Methods with JUnit and SuiteRunner